Fall 2013 Trend: 40 Minaudière Bags To Blow Your Mind

Judith Leiber minaudiere bag

Judith Leiber

Your closet is full of this summer must-haves and a huge shelf with trendy accessories is about to collapse, but you are still looking for something to spend money on. I know how it feels when there is nothing new to shop for, but fashionista’s satisfaction is far to come. There are two solutions to this global fashion disease. You can wake up your creativity, that is snoring deep inside your outstanding personality, and come up with a number of incredible items, impossible to wear in public. But if you are a lady who hates to waste her time and prefers to impress people rather than scare them, then the only way to be at peace with yourself is to prepare your wardrobe for the fall. And if you want to be in trend, make sure that your minaudière sits on top of all the other bags, for this splendid accessory will run the show for the rest of the year.

Minaudière – Hottest Bag Trend Of Fall/Winter 2013 Season

Valentino minaudiere bag


Minaudière is a chic evening bag that comes in small sizes. Sometimes too small to fit in anything, just like Valentino Plexiglass Mini Minaudière is. This tiny pink bag only measures 2.36 in. by 2.36 in., with a depth of 1.57 in.! I can hardly find any useful item that would be a good-sized luggage for such a bag. But its petite and absolutely impractical size can be easily forgiven. It is Valentino after all!

Judith Leiber minaudiere bag

Judith Leiber

Minaudières come in different shapes. This is where designers put their boldest dreams into life. And what they get astounds you to the very depth of your perception. Once you see a piece of art created by Judith Leiber, you will never let yourself even think of a different brand’s bag. With a rotary phone or jaguar-shaped bag in your hands, you will always be in the limelight.

Rauwolf minaudiere bag


Rauwolf offers a different view at luxurious individuality. Kristine Johannes, the brand’s designer, opted for polished or matte Plexiglass rather than exotic skin or beaded fabric. Rauwolf minaudières are molded in graphic shapes, which add some mystery and a philosophical zest to the bags. It is almost impossible to glance away from these gorgeous accessories without a desire to look back at them. Seems like these masterpieces hypnotize you and the only way to stop this addiction is to get your own one.

Olympia Le Tan minaudiere bag

Olympia Le Tan

If your second obsesion is books, now you have a chance to demonstrate it to everyone. Olympia Le Tan’s book minaudière is a perfect way to look both beautiful and intelligent (it is not that impossible after all). People would admire your great taste and ask for your opinion on that book. Hopefully, Olympia Le Tan put a short summary on the back cover, otherwise you will have egg on your face. So make sure you are at least familiar with the plot and main characters.

Alexander McQueen minaudiere bag

Alexander McQueen

Special brand signature makes it much more easier to identify Alexander McQueen minaudières. Skull clasps are obviously designated to protect both bag’s content and the owner. I would definitely use it as a weapon to fight back an evil robber, if he or anyone else attacked me on the street. Well, maybe I shouldn’t wander around at night, carrying Alexander McQueen bag, without a chaperone.

Whichever design or color you like, there are plenty of minaudières to make you happy. Check out our gallery before you set off to start your exciting search!

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