Hottest Accessory Trend: Chanel Nail and Knuckle Rings

Chanel nail and knuckle rings
Chanel nail and knuckle rings

We live in the world where anything new appears to be just forgotten old. Whatever it is that you come up with and claim to be your own invention, is actually not. Someone, long before the century you live in, already made an attempt to present it to the world. And here you are, disappointed and frustrated, give up on your brilliant idea. Well, you really shouldn’t! It all depends on how you introduce your find: it can be a total fail or, on the contrary, become a huge success. Just the way it turned out with Chanel nail and knuckle rings. Yes, you might have bumped into such an item a couple times before, but from now on it is going to be the hottest accessory trend.

Chanel Nail and Knuckle Rings to Set a New Trend

Chanel definitely set a new nail and accessory trend. Those knuckle rings literally shined at the brand’s Fall 2013 Couture show and made a very clear statement. All the fashionistas now are ready to start the chase for these beautiful sparkling pieces. And so am I!

Karl Lagerfeld did not bother with intricate design or creative shape and made the ring as simple as possible. The brand’s name was obviously meant to be the accent. Despite the absence of details other than glittering rhinestones, I love these gorgeous pieces. Chanel offers to wear them all at the same time, but my guess is not every single lady can afford to spend a fortune on the rings. And plus, wearing just one or a couple is more daywear-like. I can’t imagine myself hitting the keyboard with the same speed, when my trained fingers are covered with metal bands.

Chanel nail and knuckle rings
Chanel nail and knuckle rings

However, seems like Chanel nail ring is pretty comfortable to wear. Looking at the blonde with a cellphone in her ringed hands, I have no more doubt about one’s ability to text (which is a survival need today). And looks like you can handle both your make-up kit and a hat with your hands decked out in these rings. So I see no reason you can’t try on the newest trend and dazzle everyone around.

These knuckle and nail rings are a good match for any of your outfits, no matter what color it is styled in. All-embracing, this saucy accessory is a good complement to a classic look as well as more funky one. I wouldn’t recommend to overload your body with other pieces of jewelry, especially bracelets. Let it be your hands that will attract people’s attention. Other than that, there are no limits! Use your creativity and follow your personal taste to rock this trend.

Chanel nail and knuckle rings will become a must-have accessory very fast, so the sooner we get one of our own, the better. Now, let me get it straight – neither do I own an account in the Swiss bank nor have I a multimillionaire ancestor. So Chanel, regardless of my strong affection for both the brand and this particular item, is not what I am going to look for. I believe most of you will join me in this search for the precious accessory and I am sure we all will succeed. There are also knuckle rings by other brands, so if you are already obsessed, do not postpone your shopping. Here are examples of nail and knuckle rings that would be more available price-wise.

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