Jewelry Trends For Spring/ Summer 2012

There is no need to tell a fashionista how important jewelry is. We are all aware of that. But it is great to always stay in trend and know the latest innovations in the industry. So, our list of the hottest jewelry tendencies is right here for you.


Jewelry Trend: Floral Fantasy.

As you know flowers are a real hit this season. They aren’t only featured as prints on clothing, shoes, kerchiefs and bags. They also influence the shape of headwear (remember those huge flower-hats from Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2012 fashion show) and come in all kinds of jewelry. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, hair pins and other jewelry pieces from Spring/ Summer 2012 collections have been inspired by flowers.



Jewelry Trend: Chandelier earrings.

Chandelier earrings are very beautiful and feminine. They can make your evening look totally luxurious in no time. One-, two- or even three-layered earrings, which are very trendy this spring, come made of both precious metals and less expensive equivalents, with amazing jewels or plastic elements in them.



Jewelry Trend: Sea-Inspired Jewelry.

Sea was a big theme of Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season and it inspired creation of plenty of fantastic accessories, including jewelry pieces. Sea-star-rings, pearl and fish-scale earrings, necklaces made of shells, iridescent crystals and other interesting jewelry can transform your look and make it more romantic.


Jewelry Trend: Ethnic Influence.

We all have brought ethnic jewelry from different travels. Now it’s time to wear it. Make a statement with your bright and interesting necklaces, large rings, earrings with feathers, fringe and knitted elements. Add unusual ribbons and wooden details in your hair and don’t care much about matching things. This spring the motto is: the more the better. Just look at Mara Hoffman’s models, who wear loads of such jewelry and look terrific!


Jewelry Trend: Genuine stones.

Today, when people more and more turn to nature, there is nothing surprising in the fact fashion designers try to use genuine materials in their creations. For Spring/ Summer 2012 it was the stones that were used in so many impressive ways.



Jewelry Trend: Multilayer Necklaces.

Necklaces worn in many layers look chic and stylish. You can wear one multilayer necklace or a few necklaces in the same color or different colors to brighten up your look.


Jewelry Trend: Bracelets in geometric shapes.

Square, triangle, cubic, and round bracelets are very trendy this season. They might look a little tough but when perfectly coordinated with an outfit they can give the right emphasis to the look.



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