Scarf Trends for Winter 2012

Scarf is an essential accessory for winter. It is warm and comfortable, stylish and beautiful. It can complement your look or fully transform it. But even the most versatile scarf should be trendy to keep you tuned to modern fashion achievements. See the Winter 2012 scarf trends and get inspired!

While scarf seems to be an insignificant and small accessory it can help you transform your entire look. See what new styles designers offer us to try this winter. Check out Winter 2012 Scarf Trends below.


Winter 2012 Scarf Trend #1: Snoods. Snoods are very trendy this season. They are warm, comfortable and look good. Choose brighter colors to freshen up your outfit or go for pastel tones to make your look elegant.


Snoods can come knitted or made of fur, worn around the neck or as headwear. Versace snoods come in a variety of bold colors and are worn more as a stylish accessory than a practical item.


Christian Dior snoods look luxurious and are perfect for wrapping to protect from winter cold and winds.
Hermes brand offers us to wear snoods as headpieces.


Winter 2012 Scarf Trend #2: Fur scarves. Fur scarves are at the top of scarf trends. They look beautiful and make you feel really gorgeous. If you can’t wear animal fur many designers offer fake fur scarves as an alternative.


Fur scarves can be worn with everything, including evening dresses. See Carolina Herrera’s scarves as an axample.


Winter 2012 Scarf Trend #3: Knitted scarves. Knitted scarves have always been in fashion and will probably always be. Their secret is simple – they are versatile and always look appropriate. Wear such scarves over your coat or under it if you feel it is comfier for you.


Winter 2012 Scarf Trend #4: Pastel and dark colors. During Winter 2012 pastel colors as well as dark brown and black are very trendy. These tones are neutral that makes them really multifunctional. No matter what your outfit’s color is such a scarf will finish it ideally.

  • Beautiful illustration of the transforming power of accessories. You wouldn’t think it could get any better than these fashions, but the scarves provide gorgeous accents.

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