Spring/ Summer 2011 Headwear Trend: Turban

Wearing a turban can seem too daring to you but it will definitely turn heads everywhere you go. Isn’t that what you really want? Turban is one of the attention-grabbing accessories that is why celebrities like Beyonce, Salma Hayek and Rachel Zoe adopted it into their wardrobes. Try it too and see what happens!

You can admire Oriental fashion forever but what about trying to adopt it into your style? At least one piece, for example, the turban. Turbans have appeared and vanished in fashion collections within a rather long period of time but they couldn’t become trendy until now. This spring and summer designers decided it was the right time and offered dozens turban designs for us to experiment with.

Celebrity fashionistas hesitated for a while and then took the plunge. Since then on everyone from Salma Hayek to Rachel Zoe wear turbans and look and feel wonderful.

turban spring summer 2011 trend

The brightest turbans for Spring/ Summer 2011 you can find in Issa collections. They come in a variety of neon colors which range from lemon yellow to magenta. The designer suggests us wearing her turbans with chic evening gowns, romantic dresses and high-waist pants teamed with cropped tops which leave the midriff bare.

Jason Wu’s turbans were in two tones only – black and blue. Pretty simple and versatile, these looked great with any outfit the designer created.

turban spring summer 2011 trend

Giorgio Armani also stuck to black and blue but made his turbans different. Some were ordinary and could be worn to any events while others were smart and would work perfectly for special occasions.

turban spring summer 2011 trend

Andrew Gn used the ’70s-era Bianca Jagger look to design his turbans and matched those to colors of the garments.

turban spring summer 2011

Milly’s turbans come printed which gives you certain restrictions on how to wear those. If you go for a colorful turban your outfit should be simple. Be careful with the balance. Too much of color or patterns doesn’t look good.

As you can see turbans were represented in many Spring/ Summer 2011 collections. And each designer has his own vision of a modern woman wearing turban. Some prefer the classics way of wearing this headpiece and of course there are those who offer us unique ways of rocking this accessory. It’s all up to you what to choose.


  • Milly turbans look most attractive :)

  • OMG I love the coat! Especially the ladylike puff seeevls! I have a similar coat (in black, not my fave color but it’s all they had) in London a few years ago. It’s heavy cotton so not true winter wear, but I love taking it out when the weather changes. I adore the blue gloves accent! I think gray is a perfect choice for winter because it goes with anything. Much more versatile than black or brown.