Sunglasses Trends Spring/ Summer 2012

To stay in vogue and look stylish you need a lot. First of all you should know all modern trends. Second, you should know what suits your particular shape, complexion and facial features. And third you have to be able to follow the trend with your unique peculiarities in mind. Difficult? Maybe. But let’s start from the small thing. Read our report on sunglasses trends for Spring/ Summer 2012.

Variety of sunglasses produced nowadays is huge but it is always possible to divide it into several categories which summarize the fashion trends for a particular season. For Spring/ Summer 2012 we have traced 6 sunglasses trends some of which are really extravagant and stylish while others are more traditional and even classic.


Cat eye sunglasses have been very trendy for a few seasons already and will remain as hot during Spring/ Summer 2012. Eyewear in this shape comes in different colors and décor and can be very playful or more austere.


Sunglasses in quirky shapes are new in vogue but many designers try hard to popularize them. Heart, oval and even diamond-shaped eyewear looks fresh and can be a perfect choice for girls who aren’t afraid to look funny and attract attention.


Round glasses are classic and worn by such big names as Elton John and Lady Gaga. But for Spring/ Summer 2012 round sunglasses won’t be that simple. Frames and lens will be in different hues and frames can come with patterns or jewel-encrusting.


Sporty sunglasses are always trendy for those people who wear them while doing cycling or running. But in Spring/ Summer 2012 season such style of eyewear will be popular with everyone, not only sportsmen.


Sunglasses with gradient lens are not new to the industry but from time to time designers tend to love them more than other styles. Spring/ Summer 2012 is just that time.


Love contrasts but feel that color blocking is not the right thing to wear right now? Try contract sunglasses instead. It’s interesting when frame and lens come in different and often quite contrasting colors.


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