Top 10 Bag Trends For Spring/ Summer 2012

Bags are as important as clothing, shoes or any other items of the wardrobe. They reflect your style, show the world who you are and make you look unique. So, it’s essential to be able to choose the piece that is close to you. And it is as important to stay in trend. So, we offer you to get acquainted with our list of TOP 10 Bag Trends for Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season.

You already know everything about Spring/ Summer 2012 Fashion Trends as well as Color Trends and Shoe Trends. But nothing has been still said about accessories. Today we’ll clear it out. And we’ll start from Bag Trends for Spring/ Summer 2012.


Bag Trend #1: Knitted bags. Just as shoes come knitted in Spring/ Summer 2012 season, so do bags. Knitting looks unusual and stylish but you should be sure you have the right clothing to pair it with.



Bag Trend #2: Large clutches. While clutches are usually small and fancy those designers offer us to carry during Spring/ Summer 2012 are large enough to hold all necessary stuff a woman needs daily. Such clutches come both in neutral colors to be good for office wear and in brighter hues for less formal outfits.



Bag Trend #3: Printed bags. We are normally rather practical and choose bags which are more or less versatile. But designers advise us to be bolder during Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season and invest into bags which are not ordinary, those which feature interesting patterns.



Bag Trend #4: Foldover bags. Foldover bags have been popular for a couple of seasons already and they will stay in fashion for the entire Spring/ Summer 2012 season. Foldover bags come in a great variety of sizes, colors and prints.



Bag Trend #5: Small shoulder bags. Shoulder bags have always been in vogue. But in Spring/ Summer 2012 only small shoulder bags will be trendy. And despite they are called ‘shoulder’ bags they can as well be carried in hands.


Bag Trend #6: Satchel bags. Satchel bags are very comfortable. They don’t look big but can hold plenty of things. So, they are best for those of us who like to have everything for every occasion just in the bag.


Bag Trend #7: Wristlets. Wristlets, which are perfect for women who often lose things, will be very trendy during Spring/ Summer 2012. They come in a variety of designs and tones.


Bag Trend #8: Totes and weekend bags. Huge bags will not be very popular during Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season but average-sized totes and weekend bags will. Opt for vibrant hues to stand out of the crowd or neutrals if you want a bag you could accessorize your every look with.



Bag Trend #9:Tiny bags. Women have always loved small bags – they are good for special occasions and look interesting. But are you ready for a bag which is not small but tiny? Whether or not you are, these bags are to be a hit in summer.


Bag Trend #10: Chain handles. Yes, since Chanel first introduced chain handles they have always been popular with fashionistas. The secret is simple: chain handle looks even more luxurious than it really is.


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