Trend Alert: Corset Is Next Fall’s Dramatic Staple

Fashion Month isn’t over yet but I can’t help but notice trends already, one of which is a dramatic corset as seen at Alexander McQueen, Paul Costelloe, and Prada this week. The sautry accessory can be worn over dresses and coats alike and it can be as soft and rigid as you like.

Fall 2016 Corset Trend

Corsets Fall 2016

Left to Right: Prada, Alexander McQueen, Paul Costelloe, Luisa Beccaria
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Paul Costelloe and Alexander McQueen presented the flirty dresses with rigid leather corsets at their respective Fall 2016 fashion shows. They look serious and very dramatic.

Luisa Beccaria went for a more costume-y look with her soft corsets and maxi dresses with volumionous sleeves and solid skirts. Some of her dresses featured hidden corset tops as well.

Miuccia Prada used soft corsets as accessories for her dresses, coats, and belts. The white fabric contrasted with her dark-toned designs but complemented nautical hats.

A real corset might become an inconvenience so they’re usually worn for very special occasions, but those softer Prada versions look like a fun accessory for casual style.

Also really hoping to see these corset dresses on red carpet, what about you?

Loewe Fall 2016