Fur – Hot Trend For Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011

As you already know from my post about Fashion Trends for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 fur is a hot trend for the current season. At least one third of designers used it in their Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 collections. Natural fur, artificial fur, red fur, green fur, fur outfits or fur details – all these are top trendy. And if you like fur it’s high time you got a few garments made of it.

fur trend fall winter 2010 2011

With my own views closer and closer to vegetarian I can’t advise you to wear natural fur but who am I to forbid that to you? However, I do believe that both natural and artificial fur looks chic and beautiful. And there is no chance I would deny the fact it’s very warm that means it’s perfect for winter. So, no matter what you think about this trend it is still a trend. And here I am to show you how you can wear it.

chanel fur trend fw 2010 2011

It would be fair to start from Chanel as Karl Lagerfeld literally based his Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 range on fur. He created fur coats and pants, skirts and hats, high boots and gloves. If he used other materials he still put fur into the garments. Fur on sleeves, collars and handbags help me prove my words.

marc jacobs fur trend fw 2010 2011

Marc Jacobs wasn’t as fur generous but he abounded his designs with fur, too. Having focused on collars and lower sleeves Marc did a great job to integrate the hot trend into his collection.

etro fur trend fw 2010 2011

Etro used various colors of fur in their Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 range and each looked interesting. I like the bright red tails on the pant suit a lot.

anna sui fur trend fw 2010 2011

Speaking about colors I should mention Anna Sui who is famous for designing casual dresses of vibrant tones. For her Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 collection she used orange, black, red, green and other hues of fur.

Most deigners used fur to add luxury to their creations. Nina Ricci is a good example of this. The garments that looked great on their own turned into works of art when fur was attached to those.

See other designers using fur:

missoni fur trend fw 2010 2011

isaak mizrahi fur trend fw 2010 2011

dolce gabbana fur trend fw 2010 2011

burberry prosum fur trend fw 2010 2011

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  • Man models are UGLY!

  • then this is MY season

  • So sad to see fur back in fashion. It says much about how morally bankrupt and depraved our society is. On the other end, it help spot a mile away those individuals that are cruel, egoistic, merciless, compassionless, arrogant, entitled, lack ethics and in need of a moral compass. The bigger the fur the darker your soul and your heart.

  • @ papotage.. sorry but since god creations man is dressed and worn animal products.. and now, most of animal skin comes from farms not from it’s natural environment which is now mostly protected by law.. cruelty is not my problem or issue to deal with and if that is the case start with yourself and generalize your love of earth campaign to every other animal product like your meat burger and the milk you drink with your coffe.. other than that get a life or go drink from a toilet or something.. uh..

  • stop advertising fur as fashion. Its not as pretty when the animals are the ones who suffer.

  • @ Moe Moe.

    Yes the majority of fur these days comes from farms, but the problem with fur coming back into fashion is the people that must have better things than others. Those that say ‘oh i don’t want farmed fox fur, what would be nice is a lovely stripped jacket, or a white marked collar’. Thats when your endangered species like tigers and snow leopards who are already being hunted to near extinction because of their fur. There have already been multiple species of tiger extinct from poaching for their skins. It happens when fur is not in fashion, so when a boom of fur being a popular item happens a boom in poaching will follow. Theres always the same saying of “Who wants to see a would without such majestic animals”, which is very true, but once one animal becomes extinct entire ecosystems change which would lead to even more deaths.

    And if your going to bite back with the same comments you sad to Papotage;
    From our EVOLUTION to man yes we wore fur. That is all we had. We now have the option of synthetics. We also ate meat raw, then we discovered fire and cooked it. But if we’re going off what you say, we should still eat it raw because that’s what cave men did, also throw away your lovely perfectly cooked meals with lots of ingredients, cave men didn’t do that? The evolution of our brains enabled us to discover more things, If we stuck to everything we did in the past there would be no going forward and you would still be in that cave, eating raw meat.

    Milk… well proper milking of a cow does not cause harm to the animal. People may have there own views about it being immoral or so, But simple fact is it does not harm the animal if done correctly. (which by guessing you’re from North America, Europe, or Australia, These parts of the world are quite able in their milking capabilities)

    “Go get a life” I have a life, which this is part of, I came on this website to collect some evidence of fur being in fashion and the future ramifications this will have on endangered species. Im a student of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at university. I know allot more about this than you.
    “go drink from a toilet or something.. uh..” Shows us you level of intellect quite well.

  • Please ignore my few spelling mistakes I was typing a tad too quickly.

  • Hi, i’m a fashion designer in New York and I read all Ur comments and none of U are wrong just different angle/views on the same thing. What I would like to add is that there are some improvements, more and more designers are using faux (fake) fur and pleather (fake leather) and are proud of it as well. I have even developed a special hang-tag that we put on all our pleather/faux fur products to tell the consumer no animals were hurt in the making of the garment. Even designers as Chanel, Rachael Soe etc. more and more are using imitation products. Our technology has come so far it’s really difficult to tell the difference from fake and real. The easiest way is to smell it, if it smell like a dead animal, it probably is! So please to all of U out there, in the future consider buy fake instead of real, U will look great, feel great and know U did not partisipate in killing any animals, nor even farmed ones :)