How To Wear Lingerie Slip Dress

It’s not easy to pull off the lingerie trend but not impossible. As with any clothes, there are good and bad combinations and styling solutions. It doesn’t help that the trend is extremely provocative, but if you want to try it there’s nothing stopping you, except for maybe lack of ideas on how to wear it.

Rihanna in slip dress
Rihanna may pull off this particular slip dress with a denim jacket and Converse shoes, but most of us aren’t Rihanna

If you’re afraid to look silly or under-dressed in your lingerie-style get-up, there are a few key rules to abide by, if you want to nail this fashion trend and enjoy the summer in a breathy, relaxed fashion.

The first rule is to forgo dresses with certain lace details (see the Rihanna’s dress above), as they are too reminiscent of the old-fashioned slip night gowns and aren’t easy to style in everyday life. While celebs can wear whatever, you’ll just be looked at weirdly. A single good-quality lace panel may look good, though.

Secondly, you can quite easily pull off a longer slip dress with a short train, as it looks more formal.

Another way to enjoy the lingerie trend is to opt for a tank dress in satin. It looks less lingerie-like and, at the same time, channels the same vibe.

It’s probably best to wear a slip dress all on its own with some fitting shoes and jewelry. If you need to warm up in this volatile Spring weather, a knitted cardigan would probably be the best pair for a slip dress.

Greg Lauren Spring 2016
Greg Lauren slip dress with a light train
Tibi Spring 2016 tank dress
Tibi satin tank dress
Givenchy Spring 2016
Givenchy Spring 2016