Jeans Trends For Spring/ Summer 2012


Jeans are worn by everyone from housewives to businesswomen. The reason for that is comfort (whatever you do, wherever you go you feel really comfortable in jeans). But jeans can give you something more than just comfort. You can look incredibly stylish wearing them. All you need to do is to find a good pair that flatters your body type (Read about How To Choose Jeans For Your Shape) and team it up with right clothing and accessories (that is going to be our new topic soon, I promise!). And now we are going to speak about the hottest jeans trends for Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season. Read and tell us which of these trends you like best.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Hottest Jeans Trends


Bright Colors. In spring and summer color is probably one of the most important things, which is totally understandable since everybody longs for brightness after winter monotony. Jeans in red, pink, aquamarine, green and violet colors have flooded stores and streets. You can play it safe and wear your trendy pair with a simple white, black or silver top, or go bold and do color-blocking with other bright tones.

Pastel hues. Pastel hues are a must during Spring/ Summer 2012 season. Look for cream, mint, salmon, and lemon jeans to wear with romantic blouses, wedges or espadrilles, and beautiful wide-brimmed summer hats.


Prints. This trend has affected all categories of a woman’s wardrobe, including jeans. Florals, stripes, leopard and snake skin, wide African prints as well as kaleidoscopic patterns are key this season. Wear them with tops that feature a different print to really stand out, or complement your look with something less daring but still attractive.


Skinny Crop. Skinny cropped jeans will look terrific on a slim girl with long perfect legs. In case you don’t fall under that category you better stay away from this jeans trend as all the problem areas you normally try to hide will become clearly visible. For those, who do have the assets to demonstrate, should look for mid rise, straight leg and ankle length.


Bleached jeans. This type of jeans has kind of retro feel but you can make them look modern by wearing with faded t-shirts, cut off vests or fringed tops.


High-waisted jeans. With bra and cropped tops so popular now there is no wonder that high-waisted jeans and pants are also getting trendy. Cover your belly button with a pair of perfect jeans that fit you well. It can be wide-leg, too.


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