Lace & Sheer – Spring/ Summer 2011 Fashion Trend

When I was a child I thought lace was beautiful. When I became a teenager I believed lace was flirty. Now being an adult I think it is both beautiful and flirty, but it is also romantic, feminine and totally chic. All depends on how you wear it. And I feel very happy that lace is a hot fashion trend for Spring/ Summer 2011 season because I want to wear it and be the most attractive girl on this planet!!!

Lace is gorgeous. It looks exceptionally good combined with other fabrics or just on its own. But beware of too much of it, because it will look unflattering. Choose just one item in lace to look great. More than one will turn you into a Barbie girl – the effect you hardly wish to get.

fashion trends ss 2011

Try various types of lace to find the one that is best for you. You can go for vintage lace with large prints and look classy or opt for tiny patterns for a more sensual look.

Sheer looks fantastic too and it is also one of the hottest fashion trends for Spring/ Summer 2011. It’s up to you what to pair it with. You can be bold enough to wear sexy lingerie underneath your sheer dress or don something more demure to keep your modesty.

Besides, you can choose to sport clothing with sheer insets that will reveal some flesh but not show too much. Try on sheer garments of different colors to find the most perfect one that suits you.

Both of these Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion trends are interesting to experiment with. So, have fun and always look the best you can!

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  • How is this in any way informative? You just said ‘yes, you could wear lace, or you could wear sheer’ what about where the trend was seen on the runway and what different designers did – the cuts of dresses, the lace inserts or sheer paneling? You just babbled on uninformatively about how pretty lace is and how you shouldn’t wear too much, because it would look bad, so only wear just a bit – wtf? how is that real advice?

  • Hello – I do apologise about my previous comment. I was in a fight with my best friend, who apparently thinks I don’t have very good fashion sense. Sorry for taking it out on you, I quite enjoyed your article. :)

  • Lace will never go out of fashion…it is insanely gorgeous. I could wear lace from breakfast to dinner.

  • Lovely lace on a lady makes my day.The patterns should vary more, along with fabrics and colors.