Men’s Fashion Trends Spring/ Summer 2012

Yes, we mostly talk about women’s fashion on MillionLooks but we don’t want to stay away from men’s fashion either. Men’s fashion trends for Spring/ Summer 2012 will be diverse and interesting. You will no longer find pants which remind leggings or bright pink colors in designer collections. Men’s fashion seems to have turned to masculinity again. Let’s see what other new things designers have presented us with!


Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion for men is going to be very interesting. The color scheme won’t be limited to typical men’s colors and will extend to bold orange and vivid blue. Monochromatic look is to be really hot but combinations of hues (even daring combinations!) will also be welcome. Safest colors are camel and white.


If we talk about trendy prints, it is worth mentioning they will come in a variety but plaid and stripes will be among favorites. For vacation time you can go for Hawaiian patterns.

White shirt is a versatile item which can look elegant or very casual depending on the way you choose to sport it. Wear it tucked in a great pair of trousers with a matching jacket and classic shoes and you are ready for a business meeting. Wear it loose or with one side tucked in David Beckham’s style with a pair of jeans and you look quite differently yet stylish.


Oversized pants are still in for Spring/ Summer 2012. This trend seems to be very popular with both men and women. For hotter days look for a nice pair of shorts which can be worn with a suit jacket or a tee, with or without suspenders.


In the shoe area changes are few. Of course, classic shoes are top trendy. But if you are not an austere suit guy you can go for a pair of fringed loafers instead, or comfy sandals if you prefer wearing a t-shirt and cutoffs as a daily outfit. Also try rangers and neo-creepers to be in style.

Men’s Spring/ Summer 2012 accessory trends include a good watch, the more expensive the better, a scarf that can be both colorful and monotone, funky sunglasses and a purse (yes!!! The purse is allowed for men!)

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  • Thanks for sharing some of the spring/summer 2012 fashion trends for men. It is great to see all the new ideas.

  • Great ideas for people on a very strict budget. It seems with some effort a little money can go a long way.

  • Think I’ll pass on the purse.